How choosing the perfect products can lead to promotional success (2019/02/25)

In a world filled with a huge variety of promotional products, it can be hard for a business to decide which ones are the best option. Choosing items that offer the most bang for the buck is an essential part of doing business, and the first stop when making this selection should be the local printing services provider.


One fact that should always be kept in mind when choosing marketing materials is how they can play a big role in building a company’s brand. This is why having a unified look is so important. This doesn't have to be complicated, as it can be as simple as being consistent in color choice, or being sure to include the business’s logo design.


One essential question when choosing a promotional product from a print company is what type of products tend to be appreciated by a campaign target audience. A reusable folding water bottle can be a hit with the environmentally conscious crowd, while a “techie” may be tickled pink when they receive a solar phone charger. Pens remain consistently popular, as do magnets and notebooks, and one study has found that bags printed with a company’s branding generate thousands of impressions, and with their low price tag, they offer a high rate of return on investment (ROI). In fact, these have become so popular, they can be found in nearly one third of American homes.


When it’s time for a business to develop its brand, its first call should be to its local printing company. With everything from graphic design to vehicle wrap installation services, it can be a marketing department’s best friend.