How companies can effectively use modern networking tactics (2019/08/05)

Networking remains a crucial part of running a successful company, despite changing as technology continues to evolve. Businesses need to understand how to adapt to the rest of their industry, and continue making valuable connections.

Meeting contacts in person at networking events will always remain a reliable tactic, though now businesses have more alternatives to trading their information thanks to technology.

Digital business cards can allow companies to exchange details through social media accounts and phones, acting as a convenient and environmentally friendly way of expanding contacts. Plus, traditional printed business cards can be given digital features like barcodes and QR codes.

A digital business card can include contact details like their telephone numbers and photographs. However, companies can expand upon their digital cards by embedding videos that provide an overview of their brand or demo videos that showcase specific products and services.

New contacts will be able to learn about the business quickly and have easy access to phone numbers and email addresses. Digital contact information saved onto a phone or computer is less likely to be lost by either party, allowing companies to keep track of each connection permanently.

Building a social media profile can also help companies with their networking abilities. There are sites dedicated to helping businesses maintain professional connections such as LinkedIn.

Social media platforms allow businesses to not only connect with other companies but also with their consumers. Maintaining an online presence with customers can build brand loyalty and establish trust with people.

Sharing visible interactions to consumers with complaints or ideas on social media can help create lasting connections and a positive reputation for the business.