How companies can use typography to elevate their displays (2019/04/15)

Words are the foundation of any effective advertisement because they create the message that businesses are trying to convey. Companies need to not only have an understanding of the correct word choice to use in their ads, but also how to make these words appealing to the viewer.

Typography refers to how words are seen when used in various media, such as posters, flyers, and banners. Printing companies can use typography to alter the appearance of words so that consumers are drawn to the message.

‘Weight’ in typography is used to describe the thickness of each letter, where higher weights are bolder while lower weights are lighter in comparison. A bold font catches attention, so businesses can customize essential parts of their ads to have a larger weight, such as event dates or prices for products.

Companies can also change the format of their words to a handwriting typeface, which is a unique alternative to more traditional fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. Fonts that mirror handwriting styles can be used to give advertisements a formal connotation when using script-based typefaces.

Businesses should also pay attention to how their messages are aligned when using services like poster printing to ensure consumers can better read the information. English is typically read with a left-alignment, so companies can position their text to match that alignment to raise the readability of the ad.

Print companies can allow businesses to customize the style and position of words in their advertisements, which is why understanding typography can be a valuable resource in marketing.