How printed products can promote success (2019/01/28)

A company can have great products and services, but that really won’t matter unless people know about them. The problem becomes how to get the word out without breaking the bank to do it. Promotional products can offer an ideal solution, and a print company will have lots of options to choose from.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 36% of people who receive a branded promotional item will go on to patronize the company that gave it to them. In some cases, as with clothing, this number can rise even higher. There are ways a business can maximize the marketing potential of these items, and these can be very straightforward.

Budget is the first consideration. A printing services provider will have options in every price range, and can help choose one that will give the biggest bang for the buck. They can also provide assistance in selecting which products are most appropriate for a given audience. For example, reusable water bottles printed with a company's logo can wow the crowd at a Earth Day event, while “techies” may appreciate a USB drive.

One group of products that had remained consistently popular is promotional pens. Recent studies have shown that 56% of people are happy to receive them, as they are both small and useful. If they have been printed with the business’s branding, it will be seen each time one is used, and this maximizes their ROI. A printing company can offer pens ranging from inexpensive stick style to executive pens, and they can all be printed with a company’s logo.

With so many items to choose from, print companies will have an option to suit just about any situation. These can help almost enterprise put its name on the map.