How shifts in consumer power have influenced the evolution of marketing (2019/03/13)

Whether it be through traditional forms of advertising such as using printing services to create flyers and banners, or taking advantage of modern-day advancements like social media, just about all businesses have some experience with marketing.

Consumer relationships with companies have changed over the years as commerce expanded and continued to grow. It is through the observable differences between the past and the present that businesses can realize how marketing has evolved, as well as the lessons that every company should learn from the result.

When industries began to rise in the United States, companies were more focused on finding efficient methods of mass producing their products. The competition was limited, which often resulted in consumers being forced to choose between a smaller selection of options.

The introduction of new competition over time caused companies to shift their focus towards outperforming each other. Instead of offering the convenience of accessibility, businesses started to compete to provide a better product. While this resulted in more product differentiation, customers were still an afterthought.

Businesses were eventually forced to start pushing their products onto consumers when faced with overcapacity, resulting in more aggressive sales tactics. These tactics marked a change in the way businesses interacted with customers, where companies now had to prioritize the needs of potential clients before the product.

This change in perception of the customer revealed that with the increase in competition and consumer choice, the more critical it becomes for companies to market their goods and services to their target consumers, and print companies can always lend a helping hand.