How to use mascots to enhance brand identity (2019/08/12)

Establishing an emotional attachment to a brand can strengthen customer loyalty towards a company while becoming more memorable to consumers. A mascot who represents the core ideas of a business can work to improve brand identities while raising interest in the company.

Corporate mascots have been created as cartoon characters, personified products, and fictional live-action spokespersons. The type of character who a company chooses to embody their brand depends on its products or services. However, the functions remain similar regardless of the design.

In this way, businesses use mascots to give their brand personality. Mascots can create an empathetic link to a target audience by adding charm to what the public might otherwise disregard as soulless advertising. Characters can be used comedically, though companies can also create mascots with characteristics that reflect traits favored by their intended audience.

Maintaining a noticeable online presence is essential for any businesses to keep up with their competitors. Corporate mascots are a tool companies can use on social media. Mascots can not only interact with customers but also naturally incorporate advertisements into their posts. Characters whom people grow to enjoy can become significant endorsements for the company.

Mascots provide businesses with additional merchandise for the brand, allowing companies to sell products that feature the character. Businesses can use printing services to create items such as custom apparel that displays the mascot. Clothing purchased by fans will act as new ads for the company when worn in public.