Printed products point way to summer camp fun (2019/02/12)

As the summer break approaches, parents are often looking for an activity for their kids. Whether they are a day or sleepaway style, a summer camp can give children a chance to learn, develop and have fun doing so. With the help of printing companies, marketing one can be surprisingly easy, and the required printing services can be accommodated by most budgets.

The first step in planning a marketing campaign for a summer camp is to set a budget. Typically, between 10 and 20 percent of the overall budget is allocated for this, and the items used will depend upon what type of camp is being promoted.

If it’s a day camp to be promoted, it makes sense to focus the marketing campaign on the local area. A flyer printing company will have lots of options to choose from, and these can be placed in prominent locations throughout the community, displayed during events and used in other ways as well.

Sleep away-style camps tend to attract campers from a larger area. A postcard printing company can prepare direct mail items that can be sent to households or schools, and it’s important to not forget to reach out to campers who participated in previous years.

Whatever marketing materials are selected, start utilizing them early. This way, parents can begin their planning early. Including the features that make the camp stand apart should be included, and a printing company that designs and produces the items will help make sure it includes lots of attention-grabbing photos of the fun and any special deals on offer.

This summer, kids all over the country will be heading to camps. A printing company should be one of the first numbers the organizers of these activities should call.