The benefits of using seasonal promotion campaigns (2019/10/21)

Promotional campaigns can contribute to generating consumer interest in a company. Understanding how to incorporate promotions into current seasons and holidays can provide important benefits that aid businesses in improving sales and consumer interactions.

The timing of seasonal campaigns differs heavily based on the kinds of goods a company sells. For example, gardening supplies will have better sales during the spring than winter, while beach-related merchandise will sell better in summer. Businesses must first understand the buying trends of their market to create effective seasonal promotions.

Companies can remain visible throughout the year by designing their campaigns around specific holiday themes. Participating in popular holidays like Halloween and Mother’s Day will allow businesses to stay relevant, exposing customers to their brand during promotions.

There are also obscure niche holidays that companies can use for their seasonal campaigns. Researching national and international holidays can allow businesses to promote a unique and memorable occasion that can catch consumer attention, such as celebrating National Sunglasses Day on June 27. Less mainstream holidays can help boost interest during periods of slow consumer activity.

Utilizing seasonal campaigns can raise consumer familiarity with the company due to having year-round exposure to advertising. The brand is less likely to fade from local memory thanks to consistent promotional strategies. Businesses can invest in postcard printing to send monthly updates on current deals and holiday celebrations to their audience.

Having multiple deals within a year can influence casual shoppers to become repeat customers. If consumers have a positive experience during their visit, they will become more likely to return for future seasonal promotions.