Two ways businesses can use psychology to appeal to consumers (2019/03/05)

It can be challenging to attract and maintain the attention of potential customers when battling against other strong competitors.


Understanding how consumers think can help companies create powerful marketing strategies that not only attract clients, but also ensure that they retain the messages that businesses are sending.

1. Creating easily processable information

Psychologists have discovered that human brains rely on irrational biases to assist in preventing the mind from becoming overloaded with information. Businesses can benefit from using this detail as a method for attracting consumers by finding ways to appeal to these biases.


Information that people tend to remember is often seen repeatedly, is humorous and confirms pre-existing beliefs. Companies that understand this mindset can create advertising campaigns that focus on forming consistent messages that align with the target consumers values, such as using poster printing to place multiple comedic advertisements for an upcoming event.

2. Using color to captivate customers

Companies have no trouble displaying messages to their target audience with the help of printing services, yet without the right design, these visual methods can prove ineffective. Color plays a vital role in how humans interpret information, so understanding how to use colors to appeal to consumers can help communicate ideas in a way that attracts and retains attention.


Different colors offer varied connotations that companies can use to convey a message without the need of words, such as using various hues of pink to show motherly sincerity. Using colors that are in harmony with each other can create an appealing visual experience for the viewer as a result.