Unlocking the potential of marketing postcards (2019/01/23)

When a business is looking for a way to reach both its existing customer base as well as a large pool of potential clients, postcards are a choice that’s hard to beat. They offer an excellent ROI, and a postcard printing company can design and produce professional quality mailers that, if properly utilized, can match the success of an email marketing campaign.

Since postcards aren’t enclosed in an envelope and have room for both a front and back design, they can contain a lot of information and graphics that will be noticed as soon as the recipient receives it. If they are larger or a different shape than typical mail, they will stand apart from the rest, which increases their chance of catching the reader’s eye. While these may be more expensive than a typical postcard, this can often be offset by the number of sales that are driven by the campaign. A printing services supplier can help its customers choose the size and shape that is best suited to their individual needs and budget.

As in many advertising materials, keeping the design simple is usually the best way to go. Include an attention-grabbing headline, and any images that are included should be clear, high-quality and relevant.

Personalizing the postcards can be another way to ensure they will boost sales. Print companies can use variable data printing techniques to print them with each recipient's name or other personalized information that will make the reader feel it is just for them.

Even in today’s electronic age, postcards still play a prominent role. They can be a definite asset to almost any marketing campaign.