Using emotional appeals to improve marketing campaigns (2019-09-09)

Advertisements play a vital role in communication with consumers, though gaining and keeping attention from the public can be difficult. Companies must understand how to use emotional appeals in their ads to capture attention and leave deep impressions on their audience.


There are many different types of emotional appeals that a business may choose to place in their ads. Companies can incorporate emotions such as happiness, sadness, fear, and anger in their advertisements to impact viewers.


Invoking happiness through the use of bright colors, cheerful imagery, and good-natured messages can increase engagement with consumers. Often, businesses can add comedy to their displays or commercials to appeal to positive emotions.


On the other hand, negative emotions like fear and anger can work as a call-to-action when companies wish to influence customer choices. For example, pest control services may use pictures of insects to make people feel wary of any potential bugs in their homes.


Businesses can use printing companies to create customizable flyers, posters, and signs that cater to specific emotions. Altering the color, messages, and images of a display can change how people feel about an ad.


Appealing to emotions can help define the brand in the eyes of consumers, associating a business with the types of advertisements they create. Companies trying to present themselves as fun and relatable would invest in creating ads with appeals to happiness. Meanwhile, businesses that are aiming to be seen as more serious and reliable may stray from a comedic approach, and instead attempt to convey trust and professionalism.