Three products to reinforce social distancing policies (2020-12-28)

Asking customers to keep their distance during a pandemic will help companies create a safer shopping experience for their clients. There are three particularly effective printed products organizations can use to reinforce their social distancing policies.

1. Stickers

Stickers are a viable tactic for businesses to use to provide shoppers with constant reminders to stand apart. The displays are easy to stick onto walls and windows, making it simple for stores to place multiple reminders throughout their building. Organizations can use printing services to create individual stickers to pass out to visiting consumers, which provides guests with a wearable reminder to maintain appropriate spacing from others.

2. Signs

Utilizing social distancing signs will allow companies to share their health and safety standards with customers. For example, roadside banners can tell motorists about a business’ maximum occupancy and policy on wearing face coverings. Signs may also be placed outside organizations on sidewalks to inform pedestrians about the current company policies before entering the store.

3. Floor graphics

Businesses can use a printing company to design custom floor graphics to place throughout their building. Store owners can stick the pictures onto the ground to serve as helpful visual guides for people waiting in the checkout line. Shops with multiple aisles may use arrow-shaped decals to direct customers in specific directions to prevent unneeded shopper interactions.

Organizations should keep their clientele aware of current social distancing guidelines by providing visitors with several types of printed reminders. Businesses can use a mix of stickers, signs, and floor graphics to turn their stores into safer shopping environments.