Bring digital and printed advertising together to develop brand recognition (2020/03/23)

Businesses that lack an online presence are missing out on an opportunity to market their brand to a significant number of consumers. Companies can incorporate digital advertising into their marketing strategies to help grow their brand recognition.

Organizations can pay to have their advertisements show up on websites, which can expose potential customers to the brand. Businesses can work with graphic designers to ensure their ad displays information that builds familiarity, such as featuring logos, corporate slogans, and images of popular merchandise.

Companies should also create social media accounts to advertise their brand digitally. Websites like Twitter and Instagram are popular among modern consumers, offering businesses direct access to customers.

Social media provides organizations with the perfect platform for interacting with people, such as posting surveys to gauge public opinions and directly responding to client compliments or complaints. Businesses can even host online giveaways with their followers, using printing services to make gifts like branded apparel. Gaining popularity on these sites can increase online recognition for companies.

Offering brand deals to influencers who appeal to a target audience can help boost brand familiarity on the internet. Influencers can give positive remarks about a product or service to help expose more people to the brand while giving the company credibility.

Businesses can also connect with customers by using email subscriptions. Companies can provide clients with weekly or monthly emails to maintain consumer relationships by offering consistent exposure to the brand. First-time subscribers can have digital business cards attached to the bottom of their introductory email, or consider including digital features on their printed cards such as barcodes and QR codes.