How to effectively convey brand identity on printed materials (2020-08-10)

The visual presentation of a brand is often the first impression a consumer has of a company. Businesses should be aware of how their design choices can impact the way people feel about a brand, while using that knowledge to build a memorable identity that fits the organization.

The colors used on promotional materials convey different emotions to the viewer, so companies should choose ones that best complement their product and demographic. For example, warm, bright colors like orange and yellow can give consumers the impression that the brand is high-energy and cheerful.

Printing services can customize the colors on signs and flyers, allowing businesses to perfectly replicate the colors used on their logo or past advertisements for consistent representation. Repeated exposure to the same combinations will solidify the color as part of the organization’s brand identity.

Companies can select specific typography to use on their ads to make pieces more stylish and reveal the brand’s personality. Brands that wish to come off as luxurious can use script typography to emulate elegant cursive handwriting, while more traditional brands may use serif fonts instead for a professional look.

The shapes used on printed materials can also help define the identity of a brand. Circles are used to convey positivity and steadiness, while squares represent power and safety. Triangles can symbolize improvement and a sense of hierarchy. Print companies can design posters and business cards that primarily feature one style of shape for organizations that want to convey a specific identity.