How to pick the perfect promotional product for an event (2020/11/20)

Distributing free items during events is an effective marketing strategy for businesses wanting increased consumer engagement. However, picking an inappropriate promotional product for the occasion may reduce booth traffic and fail to connect with attendees.

Companies can determine which ad specialties will work best for an event by following these two simple guidelines:

Cater to the audience

Organizations should take the time to research upcoming festivals and trade shows to understand which demographics will attend the event. Preferences vary between groups of people, so businesses should account for factors such as age and lifestyle when picking their promotional products.

For example, an industry conference will likely be populated by older business professionals, while community carnivals attract families and children. A branded binder would be more effective in a trade show environment than in a casual setting like a community festival.

Choose relevant items

Businesses attending athletic events can appeal to eventgoers by using print companies to produce items like water bottles or visors. Organizations should also account for when the event occurs, since weather conditions will help raise certain products' appeal.

Branded hoodies and thermoses would be more effective in winter environments, while sunglasses and towels work better during the summer. Companies can use printing services to design themed items for holidays like Halloween or Valentine’s Day.

Promotional products are a key marketing tool for many companies. Having a grasp on consumer interests and accounting for the season are two selection strategies businesses can use to ensure their promotional products are a success at events.