How to use printed menus as businesses reopen (2020/06/08)

As more companies begin to reopen during these uncertain times, it becomes increasingly important for these businesses to find ways to keep their customers safe without sacrificing convenience. Menus are an effective tool that companies can use to create a safer experience for their clientele.

Organizations can use disposable menus as an affordable method of preventing contact between customers during the pandemic. Single-use paper menus can give clients a full view of what the business has available, while also including prices and specials offered by the company. Once finished with the menu, customers can dispose of it to prevent the menu from entering the space of another person.

Companies can do their part in preventing contact between their clientele by offering take-out services. Businesses can order disposable take-out menus from printing companies to give customers a personal copy of the menu to use at home. To-go menus can be placed in carryout bags to ensure people have a copy of the menu.

Take-out menus can also be used as an additional source of advertising for the organization. Businesses can send their menus directly to consumers with flyer printing services while including coupon codes on the ad to incentivize orders.

Businesses that are open with reduced seating capacities can also help protect customers by investing in laminated menus. Employees can clean the menus after the clients are finished with them, using bacteria-killing detergent and warm water. Laminated menus can help companies maintain a professional image while assisting the brand in avoiding unwanted contamination.