Three big advantages of using variable data printing (2020-09-25)

Variable data is a printing service able to alter the text and graphics used on printed materials, allowing companies to adjust their advertisements for each recipient. There are three main advantages businesses will receive from using variable data in their marketing tactics.

1. Build stronger relationships with clients

Using a personalized approach to marketing can improve the connections organizations have with their target consumers. Variable data allows for stores to create flyers that feature the recipient’s name, which can help clients connect with the piece. Use print companies to write custom messages on the flyer when relevant, such as wishing people a happy birthday or anniversary.

2. Create unique advertisements

Variable data makes it easier for businesses to make memorable ads by creatively incorporating client names into the advertisement’s design. For example, stores selling goods like boating equipment can print the name of the recipient onto an image of a ship. Being creative will allow brands to differentiate themselves from the typical flyer and make a lasting impression on the consumer. Organizations may also use printing services to emboss customer names on postcards to give their ads style.

3. Provide relevant information to customers

Companies can use variable data to ensure clients are given the most relevant information in their mail. Businesses with multiple locations can employ the technique to provide directions and contact details to the store closest to the recipient's address. Adding maps onto promotional flyers will also help consumers easily find the organization.

In all three cases, its all about personalization. Variable data printing helps you tailor your printed marketing to recipients in a quick and simple way.