Three design tips for improving poster legibility (2020/08/03)

Customers should be able to comprehend the content of a poster within seconds of exposure. Companies can avoid illegible designs by following these three tips that help consumers easily read the content featured on posters.

Avoid using decorative fonts

Adding a stylish flair to the words on a poster may unintentionally create text that people find difficult to read. Instead of using italics and cursive to emphasize certain sections of the poster, businesses can use bold text to draw attention to important information.

Printing companies have simpler font options that help organizations communicate information to consumers, ensuring that every word can be recognized.

Properly space text

People can get overwhelmed when presented with a stream of too much information. Businesses should use spacing techniques to prevent consumers from glazing over essential details on their posters.

Separate densely packed text into manageable paragraphs, making sure to deliberately group relevant content into different sections of the poster. Viewers are typically drawn to the middle of the sign, so the main messages should be spaced near the center.

Use correct color combinations

The color of the words and background should contrast one another to help the text pop out to passing consumers. Using color combinations that blend together or look unappealing can prevent people from accurately reading the poster’s content.

Businesses can work with print companies to choose color schemes for their posters that convey an appropriate mood without causing the text to fade into the background.

By following these three tips, the content of your posters will be clear and concise, which will help to reach a wider audience and therefore increase exposure for your company.