Three design tips that elevate corporate event invitations (2020-10-16)

Hosting a corporate event is an exciting way for companies to create lasting relationships with their customers and employees. Businesses can use these simple design tips to construct the perfect invitation for any special occasion:

1. Maintain legibility through simplicity

An invitation is only effective when the recipient can understand the information being provided on the card. Using unflattering color combinations and an excessive number of background images inside the invite will make it difficult to comprehend the contents. Ensure people can accurately read the date, location, and RSVP information provided by using printing services to customize cards with bold text colors that are distinguishable from the background.

2. Keep the design relevant

Invitations to corporate events must be designed with a special occasion in mind to keep the card relevant to the function. For example, organizations should avoid spring-themed imagery when constructing invitations for winter-related parties. Failing to keep the theme consistent can be confusing and may look unprofessional to those who receive the announcement. Businesses can work with stationery printers to ensure their designs are both relevant and compelling.

3. Stand out with customizations

Differentiate the invitation by adding custom visual elements to the card. Instead of using standard text, companies can draw more attention to their words by embossing or foil stamping the font. Special photographs can also be incorporated onto the announcement's cover, such as featuring group employee pictures for anniversary celebrations.

Corporate events offer organizations a chance to impress their workers and clients through memorable experiences, so it is important to use custom invitations to ensure their first impression of the occasion is positive. These design tips will help businesses construct invites that pave the way for successful functions.