Three design tips that improve window displays (2020-09-18)

Companies that fail to utilize their window space effectively will miss out on communicating with pedestrian traffic. Here are some tips businesses can use to attract customer attention while elevating the look of the window display.

1. Periodically change the display

Instead of only using a single decal to decorate the window, companies can replace their signs by putting up decals that are relevant to the season. Holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day are perfect opportunities to put up festive window displays. Switching the decals will help organizations maintain consumer interest and prevent the business from feeling stale.

Decals that are static clings can be placed onto glass surfaces without the need of any adhesive, allowing companies to easily attach and remove the sign when seasons change or promotions end.

2. Avoid overuse of the space

While maintaining visibility through window displays is crucial, businesses should also consider the needs of their indoor customers. Too many decals will block natural light from entering the building and may prevent people from seeing outside. Companies can use printing services to create perforated decals to alleviate this problem.

A perforated decal has specially designed punctures that allow for one-way visibility, displaying an image to those passing the ad outside without completely blocking the view of patrons sitting inside.

3. Utilize two-sided decals

Businesses can also work with print companies to design two-sided decals. Two-sided informational signs can be stuck onto doors with glass panes to ensure the content is legible from either side, such as decals that tell customers the organization's operational hours.