Three essential advertising tips for new clubs (2020/05/18)

Creating a new organization can help people share their passion with like-minded members of the community. However, a lack of proper advertising can result in decreased visibility and a lack of public interest in the club.

There are three effective strategies that leaders can use to maintain high visibility while attracting new members.

1. Define target demographics

The organization should first take the time to define its intended demographic. For example, a tennis club would look for those who are athletic, while a painting group would focus on artistic individuals.

Once the ideal club member is defined, the organization can develop advertisements that cater to their interests. Print companies can be used to design ads for the group that attract target audience members.

2. Clearly communicate the organization's mission

Having a clear purpose and mission behind the organization can turn a simple activity into something meaningful, helping the club establish stronger connections with new members through a shared ideology.

Leaders can use printing services to design flyers, business cards, and posters that showcase their club’s mission statements and core values. Defining the organization’s mission will also help differentiate the group from other clubs offering the same activity.

3. Practice brand consistency

Club members can be given clothes that display the team logo, such as branded T-shirts and caps. Other objects such as notebooks, folders, and pencils can also be branded and used by those in the organization. Members who wear or use these items in public can become additional advertisements for the club.