Three guidelines for contactless print advertising (2020-07-03)

Abiding by current business restrictions will make an impact on reducing the spread of COVID-19, though it can be difficult for companies to maintain their brand recognition due to decreased customer interactions. Organizations can follow three simple guidelines to maintain their brand awareness while keeping their clients safe:

1. Use direct mail marketing services

Printed materials like flyers and postcards offer companies a reliable method of communicating brand information to customers. Take advertisements directly to the client's home by using mailing services to reduce physical contact. Consumers will have access to updated details about the company while being exposed to the brand through the organization’s logo and tagline. Restaurants with to-go options may use mailing services to send disposable menus to the community.

2. Utilize roadside advertising techniques

Print companies have a variety of highly visible advertisements that businesses use to catch a customer’s attention. Banners and other roadside signs are easily noticed by passing motorists and pedestrians, allowing organizations to inform consumers about their deals and new products. Outdoor signs can also tell people if the business’ interior is open to the public, or if a drive-thru option is available.

3. Turn vehicles into memorable advertisements

Printing services can help turn delivery vehicles and customer cars into drivable ads for the organization's brand. Vehicle wraps give automobiles unique designs that draw eyes to the information being displayed. Distributing branded vehicle magnets to clients as a gift from the business will also provide brand exposure to people during their commutes.