Three simple methods for food companies to elevate their brand awareness (2020-05-04)

Food service is a highly competitive industry that can be difficult to penetrate, especially for businesses with low brand recognition. Of course, the COVID-19 situation has forced changes to how they operate, but the need for branding remains the same. Here are three easy methods to improve it.

1. Create a consistent image

Repetition is an effective tool to build familiarity with a subject. Restaurants can implement repetition into their brand by using printing services to create a consistent image.

Several aspects of a restaurant can be customized to showcase a brand, such as takeaway menus, worker uniforms, pens, signage, and drinkware. Using the same color combinations, logo placements, and patterns can establish a stronger brand presence and result in increased brand familiarity.

2. Establish regular communication

When not maintained, familiarity is sure to deteriorate over time. Companies can stay relevant and fresh in the minds of consumers by using different forms of communication to provide customers with regular, yet non-invasive exposure to the brand.

Restaurants can use flyer printing to send clients monthly coupons and inform recipients about new menu items. Particularly pertinent at present, businesses can also create a weekly online newsletter to send to customers on an email list.

3. Get involved in the community (when safe!)

It’s one for the future rather than the present, but participating in community events can advertise the brand to consumers while also building a positive reputation for the business. Restaurants can operate food stalls at festivals, using print companies to create distributable business cards and menus for attendees.