Three simple promotional strategies that increase event attendance (2020-07-10)

Organizing parties, festivals, and other public events will help companies spread brand awareness while creating positive relationships with their guests. Businesses can increase the number of attendees at their activities by following three useful strategies that elevate their marketing tactics.

Raise and maintain event visibility

Those who experience regular exposure to a subject are more likely to remember the information, so companies should work to frequently expose their target audience to event advertisements. Avoid stale advertising by using various media to communicate with consumers, such as running ads in the local paper while using printing services to create roadside banners. Send local families a reminder of the event with flyer printing.

Incentivize attendance with special deals

Organizations that are hosting charitable functions like galas or fundraisers may use special ticket prices to catch the attention of eventgoers. Offering ticket bundles will encourage group sales, providing guests with a slight discount while increasing attendance for the occasion. More frugal consumers can be swayed into buying tickets by selling admission in advance at early bird rates.

Market the event online

Visibility for the event can extend to the internet by incorporating social media and emails into promotional strategies. Inform customers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by making posts about the occasion. Holding free ticket giveaways for followers will also generate interest in the activity. Create a unique hashtag for the festival to raise user engagement while making it easier to track what consumers are saying about the event.