Three tips for effective logo utilization (2020/12/11)

Logos play a vital role in building consumer recognition toward a business, so companies need to properly incorporate their symbols into their promotional mix. There are three effective tips organizations can use to improve customer familiarity and get the most from their logos.

1. Use symbols as watermarks

Adding symbols as watermarks to important company documents like invoices will turn typical interactions with the business into an opportunity to expose clients to the brand. Organizations can also use printing services to place logo watermarks onto any mail sent to customer homes. Watermarks help companies give their printed materials a professional look and add some visual flair to an otherwise blank paper.

2. Elevate packages with logos

Let customers bring the brand back home with them by placing logos onto product packages. Decorating bags and boxes with company symbols will not only make the packaging more memorable, but can also provide the organization with additional advertising. Placing symbols on packages also allow businesses to differentiate themselves from other brands.

3. Incorporate symbols onto promotional products

Distributable items featuring a brand’s logo are significantly beneficial to companies. Giving promotional products to consumers helps build positive relationships while providing the recipient with an engaging source of brand exposure. Items such as calendars and pens are reusable, allowing for several interactions with an organization’s symbol.

Proper logo utilization will make promotional materials more memorable and help businesses greatly improve their brand recognition. Organizations can work with print companies to customize their documents, packages, and distributable items into sources of customer interactions with the brand.