Three ways foil stamping can improve company visuals (2020/06/02)

Foil stamping is the process of pressing colored foils onto the surface of a printed object to help draw attention to specific words. There are three ways businesses can incorporate this service onto their printed materials to elevate how consumers view the company.

1. Use foil stamping to improve business cards

Memorable first impressions are essential when networking with potential clientele. Foil stamping can help firms outshine their competitors by adding a metallic or holographic foil to the business card.

Organizations can use a foil stamp to make certain sections of the card stand out, such as highlighting the name of the business or drawing attention to the brand’s corporate slogan. Foil stamping can help make the card more interesting to the eye, resulting in a better chance of being remembered by the new contact.

2. Elevate branded stationery with foil stamping

Stationery printers can help corporations produce customized paper for their letters, invoices, and order forms. Businesses can create a stronger professional image by using foil stamping to create customized letterheads for their stationery. Company names and logos can be highlighted at the top of each page, guaranteeing exposure to the brand with each interaction a customer has with the organization.

3. Impress clientele with cards that utilize foil stamping

Businesses can use printing services to produce holiday or birthday cards for customers, which can be improved with the help of foil stamping. Client names can be foil stamped to make the personalized message feel special, turning a simple card into a high-quality visual experience.