Three ways for businesses to maintain contactless brand exposure (2020/05/25)

Maintaining brand familiarity can be challenging for businesses during the current pandemic. In-house brand exposure is obviously being restricted by new regulations, but companies can still stop their consumer recognition from deteriorating by using these three easy tips.

1. Switch to branded packaging

Organizations can use printing services to design and utilize custom packaging that embodies the brand of the business. The exterior of the package can be decorated with corporate symbols, and the box or bag can be colored to match color schemes utilized by the store. Every order delivered to the customer will provide exposure to important brand imagery to help maintain familiarity with the corporation.

2. Create catalogs that showcase inventory

Businesses can use print companies to make branded catalogs that help maintain consumer brand awareness by offering monthly exposure to the brand. Clients who receive catalogs from the organization can stay updated on product availability.

Companies can also keep their customers updated on new company policies by adding a news page in their catalogs. Keeping a direct line of communication with clientele can assist firms with preventing their customer connections from fading.

3. Use the internet for digital brand visibility

Corporations can still communicate with consumers through social media sites and emails. Businesses on websites like Facebook or Twitter can post advertisements that can be potentially seen by thousands of people. Weekly emails discussing updates and current deals can also be directly sent to the inboxes of clients to ensure people have regular interactions with the company.