Two font selection strategies to elevate advertisements (2020/11/06)

Choosing the right font can help companies construct advertisements that clearly convey information to passing viewers and strengthen their brand’s identity. Businesses using the following two font selection strategies stand to immediately enhance the quality of their signs:

1. Match the font style to the appropriate emotion

There are several styles of typefaces organizations use to establish emotional connections with consumers. For example, a flyer using serif fonts may be associated with tradition or reliability. Other types, like modern fonts, can be seen as progressive or stylish to customers. Businesses can customize the text of their printed materials by working with print companies.

An advertisement's text should be directly related to the ad’s content, such as a luxurious gala using script font types to associate the event with elegance or sophistication. A sign featuring a typeface not tonally consistent with the ad may leave consumers confused, or fail to convey the brand’s intended personality.

2. Use different fonts to emphasize information

Understanding how to incorporate various fonts in an ad will help businesses capture the viewer’s attention and highlight important details. Companies can use printing services to alter typefaces to provide visual contrast to the advertisement, such as changing the words' weight or stress.

Posters or brochures with multiple information sections can use primary and secondary fonts to make topic headers stand out from the other featured text. The word placement will also improve legibility, so businesses should use consistent text alignment and incorporate white space in the ad to help reduce eye strain.

Typography is an essential part of any effective advertisement, so companies should pay attention to the font style they use in their printed pieces.