Two ways businesses can use print to enforce social distancing (2020/05/11)

Businesses should always aim to create a safe environment for their consumers and team members, especially during these uncertain times. Companies can still maintain their operations while doing their part in reducing the spread of sickness by following these two easy actions.

1. Use highly visible indicators on the floor

Social distancing has played a vital role in decreasing the chances of contamination, so all businesses should provide their customers with a visual reference that defines and enforces proper distancing.

Companies can use floor graphics to show available slots in line, spacing each graphic at least six feet away from the other to keep consumers separated and safe. Organizations can even use printing services to create floor graphics that are consistent with the visual aesthetic of the brand, such as incorporating color combinations used in logos or past ads.

2. Clearly communicate information with consumers

Businesses need to be clear on any deviations they have made from typical operations due to the impact of the current situation. Corporations can use print companies to produce signs that help inform consumers about new policy changes, including changes to operational hours, customer capacity, and available alternatives to in-store shopping.

Displays like A-frame signs and vinyl banners can be placed outside the business near sidewalks and streets, allowing for people to notice and understand the changes a company is making. The signs will help show customers that the firm is still operational and will educate consumers on the best method of making a purchase from the business.