What benefits can Xpress Ads bring to companies? (2020/02/10)

Businesses can send a variety of promotional materials through the mail to target consumers, with Minuteman Press Xpress Ads being a cheaper alternative to other mail-based marketing tactics. Xpress Ads can provide companies with plenty of benefits that help promote their brand.

Organizations can use printing services to create large numbers of inexpensive Xpress Ads that can be sent to locals. Businesses can produce their Xpress Ads for just pennies, which can reach out to about 10,000 potential new clients. Companies operating on a budget can take advantage of the lower rates to start expanding their brand recognition through the mail.

Xpress Ads can be customized to expose customers to the brand by accurately representing the organization. Businesses can use printing services to place their logos onto the Xpress Ad and incorporate any color schemes and patterns that are consistent with other designs from the company. Any slogans or values from the brand can also be added into the content of the Ad.

Businesses can use Xpress Ads to communicate important details to their audience, such as upcoming promotions offered at the store, or highlighting new products for sale. Contact information like phone numbers, social media links, and mailing addresses can be included to ensure clients have up-to-date details about the company.

Incentives can be added to Xpress Ads that engage the recipients and help increase overall traffic. Organizations can use print companies to design custom coupons to use in the advertisement, such as giving out items free of charge or providing a discount on the total value of a purchase.