Why should businesses emboss their papers? (2020/01/13)

Embossing is a process that gives paper a three dimensional effect by raising text or symbols, resulting in an elevated portion that stands out from the rest of the printed piece. There are many advantages for organizations that use printing companies to emboss their printed materials.

Changing the elevation of a paper can immediately draw attention to the altered area, ensuring that recipients notice the embossed logo or words. Businesses can improve their brand familiarity with clients by increasing their exposure to elevated corporate symbols and slogans with every document they receive.

Companies that wish to highlight particular information on their printed materials can emboss their pieces. For example, those who go to networking events can emboss their business cards to help new contacts recall important details like names and phone numbers. Organizations that produce educational brochures can emboss vital facts that they feel people should remember.

Businesses can also use printing services to emboss their advertisements. Details such as promotional dates and prices can be embossed to prevent customers from missing crucial parts of the ad. Companies can combine their embossing with foil stamping to help highlight information with a memorable shine.

Organizations wishing to show appreciation towards their employees or clients can emboss recipient names on custom greeting cards and certificates, adding a personal touch to the gift.

Embossing allows companies to create a consistent professional image for their brand when participating in trade shows and conferences, allowing businesses to emboss their presentation folders and press kits to enhance their visual quality.