Creating attractive signs in three steps (2021-05-03)

A well-designed sign will help businesses impress their consumers while communicating important information. There are three tips companies should use to easily improve the quality and memorability of their displays:

Give the signs a unique personality

Organizations can differentiate their displays by using printing services to create customized signage. Giving the sign a bright, appealing color scheme, and remember that adding background imagery will elevate the visual appeal of the display. Businesses can also choose special fonts that complement their brand’s aesthetic, such as using formal typefaces to convey professionalism. Incorporating company logos onto the sign will also distinguish it from other stores.

Make sure the signs are legible

Clearly share messages with customers by formatting displays to be easily readable. Increasing the text size and emboldening sentences will help the words catch the attention of more consumers. Avoid cluttered designs by incorporating white space onto the display. Print companies can help organizations separate chunks of text into short, memorable sentences that do not strain the reader.

Utilize customization options for signs

Altering the shape, size, and features of a sign can turn mundane displays into compelling sights for passing consumers. Backlit signs will improve the message’s visibility at night, while A-frame signs can grab the attention of pedestrians when placed on sidewalks. Companies may also create triangular or circular signs to ensure their building’s displays are not repetitive to visitors.

Using the above three tips can help businesses impress viewers and enhance the quality of their displays, in turn increasing their impact on consumers.