Get the most out of your promotional pens (2021-10-04)

Pens are a common writing utensil many people use daily, yet they can provide companies with incredible benefits when properly implemented in a marketing strategy. Here are three uses for promotional pens that can help businesses connect with consumers.

Interact with attendees during events

Gifted pens are impactful icebreakers for organizations attending trade shows or festivals. Employees can give the writing utensil to booth visitors to engage with consumers and leave them with positive brand impressions. Merchants can also use print companies to create pens that showcase the shop’s contact information, such as phone numbers and emails.

Familiarize customers with key brand elements

Each distributed pen can expose people to essential brand identifiers to promote stronger brand recognition. The logo of a company may be featured on the pen alongside the brand’s commonly used typeface and color combination. Taglines and vision statements from the organization can be added to the object to promote the brand’s main phrases to receivers.

Expand company contact lists

Shops wanting to connect with more consumers can use promotional pens to grow their contacts. Offering a free pen when visitors sign up for email lists or newsletters can give shoppers an incentive to join. Having writing utensils on hand will also make it more convenient for people to fill out information while at the store.

Pens created with printing services can help organizations in several ways, which is why marketers should keep these three tips in mind to ensure the utensils are correctly incorporated into future marketing plans.