How to elevate your stationery (2021-02-01)

Customer engagement plays a crucial role in developing long-term relationships and growing familiarity with a business. There are three tips organizations can follow to turn office stationery into an impactful tool clients will remember.

Incorporate the brand into the paper

Businesses interested in increasing and maintaining brand recognition with consumers should customize their stationery into an accurate portrayal of the brand. Printing companies can turn typical invoices or order forms into aesthetically pleasing sources of brand exposure by changing the paper's color or adding the organization’s logo as a watermark. Each interaction with the stationery will familiarize clientele with the company’s main identifiers.

Differentiate papers through unique alterations

Stand out from other businesses by adding eye-catching effects to the branded stationery. Foil stamping text on the paper, for example, will give words a stylish metallic gleam and immediately draw viewer attention to the section. Organizations may also emboss certain words or images on their stationery to add texture and class to items like envelopes and cards.

Utilize custom typography for compelling visuals

Make an immediate impression on customers by using print companies to make stationery with atypical typography. Straying away from traditional font styles will give consumers a fresh experience and create a unique brand identity. Businesses wanting to appear elegant can use script fonts, while organizations may use sans-serif fonts for a professional and modern vibe.

When properly customized, stationery can provide companies with several brand-strengthening benefits. Any business can follow the above three tips to elevate their stationery and impress their clientele.