How to improve corporate gift-giving (2021-01-04)

Offering corporate gifts to employees and clientele is an effective method of maintaining brand loyalty towards a business. Here are three major tips organizations can learn to improve their gift-giving strategies and leave stronger impressions on their recipients.

Personalize the present

Businesses should use printing services to customize any corporate gifts they send. Adding a personal touch to the present, such as engraving the person’s name onto the gift, will make the item more meaningful and memorable to the receiver. Companies aware of their clients’ preferred colors can customize gifts like personalized stationery to match their favorite colors.

Send reusable gifts

Sending reusable branded items will benefit organizations interested in strengthening their recognition with the recipient. For example, special drinkware and accessories featuring the logo may be used multiple times by the customer, providing them with several instances of exposure to the symbol. Presents offering continued benefits to the receiver are also more likely to be kept.

Understand the recipient’s interests

Businesses must take the hobbies and tastes of their clients into consideration when deciding on what present to send. Fans of wine can be given glasses from the company, while athletic people may rather receive personalized sporting apparel. Those who get items related to their hobby will have more appreciation for their gift.

Organizations can use corporate gifts to create positive interactions between the brand and its target consumers or staff. Working with printing companies will allow businesses to customize their presents and leave lasting impressions on their receivers.