How to promote a brand while keeping customers safe (2021-05-10)

Businesses operating during a pandemic must play their part in creating safe environments for their clientele. There are three particularly good promotional tactics companies can use to build strong brand familiarity with consumers.

Use customized stickers as reminders

Organizations can order social distancing stickers from print companies to give to their visitors. Those who receive the item can wear it on their clothing to become walking reminders for other shoppers to follow the store’s policies. The stickers can be redesigned to feature important brand visuals, such as the company’s logo and primary typeface.

Provide consumers with pens

Help prevent clients from potentially contaminating themselves or company employees by giving them free pens to use for signing forms. Providing customers with a free writing utensil can create a positive experience with the business. Adding the organization’s symbol to the pen will turn the item into a repeatable source of brand exposure. The design can also be customized to feature slogans and mission statements from the store.

Place printed materials as customer guides

Businesses can work with printing companies to design signage that accurately portrays the organization’s aesthetics while spacing out consumers. The store may recolor floor markers to match the interior color combinations. Posters, banners, and A-frame signs can incorporate the shop’s symbol as a watermark to ensure people notice the logo.

Organizations do not need to sacrifice their brand identity to turn their stores into healthy environments for shoppers. Using customized stickers, pens, and branded printed materials throughout the store will constantly remind people to maintain distances from others while growing brand recognition.