How to use color to elevate displays (2021-07-19)

Understanding how to design eye-catching advertisements plays a vital role in effectively communicating with target consumers. There are three ways businesses can incorporate colors into their displays to create memorable ads.

Use color psychology to improve sign effectiveness

Consumers often use colors to form immediate first impressions on products due to the strong connotations each color carries. For example, blue is associated with calm and refreshing feelings, while red invokes high energy and passion. The colors used in an advertisement should not clash with the item being displayed, such as avoiding brown or black colors when marketing something as fresh.

Utilize color schemes to increase legibility

Businesses can use print companies to design signs with appealing color combinations. The color of the sign’s font must easily stand out from the background to ensure consumers can read what is displayed. Marketers may also darken the colors of particular ad sections to draw the viewer’s attention to important information.

Strengthen brand familiarity with specific palettes

Organizations that use a constant color palette to represent the brand can improve their recognition. Stores may use printing services to create uniforms, banners, promotional products, and business cards with the same color schemes. Using consistent combinations will help customers immediately recognize the business when they see the palette.

Colors are a crucial component of design that companies should add into their marketing materials. Incorporating color psychology into advertisements, creating legible signs, and sticking with a consistent palette for the brand will help any organization create impactful displays.