Immediately impress new customers in three steps (2021-09-13)

The first impression a person has with a company may heavily influence whether or not they return in the future. Here are three ways businesses can leave a positive impact on first-time visitors.

1. Create compelling window displays

Interactions with the brand start before clients even enter the door. Having a striking window display will help organizations wow their customers. Companies can use printing services to make posters and decals that accurately represent the brand’s personality while catching the eyes of pedestrians. Sharing seasonal discounts on the window will also entice people to enter the store.

2. Offer business cards to clientele

Provide staff members with business cards to help them engage with visitors. Offering first-time customers a card will give them a handy resource for reaching out to the brand in the future, and can create a connection with the employee. The business card will give the organization a professional aura to clientele and will reiterate the brand’s style to receivers.

3. Give visitors promotional products

Gifting items to consumers can leave guests with positive impressions of the brand and give people a source of constant exposure to the store’s logo or slogan. Shops may work with print companies to design custom pens, stickers, magnets, and calendars that can be handed to new customers. Each item may also feature the store’s phone number and email address.

It is crucial for businesses to create excellent experiences for their incoming consumers to ensure their visitors turn into returning clients. Companies can follow these three tips to promote positive customer interactions and introduce newcomers to their brand.