Three crucial design tips for improving business cards (2021-04-05)

Business cards help shape the first impression a new contact has with a company, so people should thoroughly understand how to design cards that immediately impress the viewer. Here are three design tips organizations can use to create professional business cards.

1. Make sure the card content is legible

A cluttered or illegible card may weaken new relationships immediately and negatively impact a company’s credibility. Ensure others can read the business card by using printing services to design a layout with proper spacing between the text. Organizations should also avoid using clashing colors for the font and background.

2. Incorporate brand elements onto the display

Familiarize clients with the organization’s aesthetics by incorporating brand-related imagery onto the business card. Print companies can assist businesses with adding their logos, mission statements, and taglines on the display, allowing viewers to get exposure to the brand’s identifiers. Selecting a palette related to the organization’s color scheme for the card will help recipients associate particular color combinations with the brand.

3. Add some memorable flair to the card

Stand out from other contacts by adding special customizations to the business card. Companies can get their cards foil stamped or embossed to make their text pop out from the background. Coating the display with gloss will increase the card’s durability while enhancing its colors. Deviating from the typical rectangular-shaped card can showcase the brand’s unique personality.

The above three tips can assist any organization with improving the quality and impact of their business cards. Companies should remember to make their displays legible, incorporate brand imagery onto the card, and use special customizations to wow the recipient.