Three decorations that reinforce brand identities (2021-11-22)

The design elements a business uses may influence how consumers perceive the brand. There are three decorations companies can use to familiarize visitors with the brand’s intended aesthetic and personality.

1. Pop-up banners

Pop-up banners can be helpful for vendors who want to take their brand outside the store’s main location and quickly convey their personality to passing attendees. Every important visual from the organization can be featured on the banner, such as the shop’s symbol. Pictures may also be included in the banner’s background to reiterate the brand’s character.

2. Wall graphics

Visitors to a business should have multiple interactions with the store’s identity during their visit to ensure they remember the brand. Having wall graphics as a decoration will help organizations turn empty space into compelling brand visuals. For example, a shop can work with print companies to use font styles on the graphic that match the store’s character, like choosing a cursive text to convey elegance.

3. Window graphics

The first impression a person may have towards a business can be formed before they enter the building. Setting up memorable window graphics will attract passing folks to the store and provide some insight into the brand’s identity. Companies can customize their graphics with printing services to make sure the image’s color palette conveys the right emotion, such as using yellow colors to emulate joy.

Decorations are an essential tool for businesses when creating a unique style for their brand. The above three types of décor will assist any company with helping consumers notice and memorize the brand’s identity.