Three design tips for improving brochures (2021-09-07)

Companies looking to convey important information to target consumers can turn to brochures as an effective communication tool. There are three simple design tips businesses should learn to help create impactful brochures for their customers:

1. Customize the brochure to highlight the brand

Organizations can use print companies to design brochures that promote the brand without taking away from the provided information. The store's logo may be printed onto the brochure’s cover to give readers exposure to the brand. Keep the color schemes and fonts consistent with other promotional materials used by the business to familiarize viewers with the brand’s style.

2. Help the audience connect with the company

Brochures may be used for more than just spreading info to consumers. Engage with people by adding a call-to-action on the item, such as encouraging readers to visit the organization’s website or follow the brand’s Facebook page. Adding a phone number and menu to the brochure will make it easier for customers to place orders with the business.

3. Keep the content concise and legible

Overcomplicating and overcrowding the booklet’s design may result in recipients being unable or unwilling to completely read the brochure. Printing companies can improve the item’s legibility by adding necessary spacing between blocks of text and including section headings to separate the information. Putting images in the design will also help consumers understand the brochure’s message.

Any business can use these three design pointers to improve the effectiveness of their brochures and leave lasting impressions on their readers.