Three effective tips for improving company flyers (2021-08-17)

When effectively designed, flyers are a reliable tool for any business looking to promote its special events and deals. Organizations can use the following three tips to clearly communicate their messages to viewers and to avoid weakening the impact of their displays.

1. Use formatting to flaunt key concepts

Help important information on the flyer stand out to the audience by working with printing services to emphasize specific text. Larger words on the display will be perceived as the main takeaways, while smaller sentences provide additional details. The position of text can also highlight information, such as placing the flyer’s main messaging towards the top of the display.

2. Avoid overwhelming the audience

Placing a block of text on a flyer can make it difficult and tedious for consumers to read. Separating the information and adding white space to the display will make the flyer easier to comprehend. Print companies can insert bullet points and headings into a flyer’s design to break apart large chunks of text. Infographics may also be incorporated on the flyer for a visually appealing way of communicating with viewers.

3. Appropriately scale the flyer for its location

Flyers can be used in multiple ways, so it is crucial to consider how the audience will interact with them when settling on a design. If a store intends on using its flyers as a window display, then larger words are likely necessary for getting the attention of passing pedestrians. Businesses planning on handing flyers out to people would not need to use giant text.

Understanding these three design tips will allow organizations to create legible displays for their target clientele.