Three effective ways to reiterate brand elements to clients (2021-11-02)

Each visit a customer makes to a business is an opportunity to build their brand familiarity towards the store’s main identifiers. Here are three simple ways a company can promote its brand to clientele when people stop by the office.

Promotional pens

Providing employees with their own stash of promotional pens can give visitors a subtle form of brand exposure. They are also helpful tools for staff members to take notes with and to write out important information for a client. Once the visit is completed, the worker may offer a pen for the consumer to take as a pleasant gift.

Printed notepads

Every employee should have something on hand that they can use for jotting down notes during a customer’s visit. A printed notepad can give crew members the tool they need, while also highlighting important aspects of the brand to the client, such as the store’s logo design or slogan. Businesses can utilize print companies to design eye-catching notepads to give to their workers.

Branded calendars

Calendars are an appealing and practical piece of decoration for staff members to add to their workspace, though they can also be a valuable source of brand exposure for clientele. Each calendar month may be customized by printing companies to feature brand elements, like vision statements or the organization’s symbol. The object also gives people something fascinating to look at while the employee fills out forms or searches for information.

Any office can be converted into a valuable source of brand exposure for clientele by incorporating the above three items into the workplace.