Three font design tips that retain reader attention (2021-10-25)

A company’s printed materials must be visually interesting to prevent viewers glazing over crucial information on their advertisements. There are three key ways to style text to help hold customer attention as they read.

1. Highlight key points with bold fonts

Businesses can use bold text in their marketing pieces to quickly highlight important details to consumers and prevent the ad from losing the viewer’s interest. Dark pops of font can break up the monotony of a block of text and help to differentiate headings from the rest of the piece. Make sure to use bold fonts sparingly, as overuse of the darkened text can be distracting and difficult to read.

2. Adjust the kerning of the piece

A font’s kerning refers to the space between the letters, which can be used to create unique visuals for an advertisement. Organizations may work with print companies to stretch their headlines to give their marketing pieces a distinctive style. Using tighter kerning for sentences in body paragraphs will help the ad look professional and allow stores to include more information on the page.

3. Utilize different font combinations

Visual contrast throughout the advertisement will make it easier for consumers to continue paying attention. Businesses can use printing services to elevate their pieces with intriguing text combinations for headings and body paragraphs. One example of an aesthetically pleasing font pairing is Oswald and Lato.

An advertisement is only truly effective if it can communicate information to the viewer in a way they will understand and remember. The above three tips can assist any organization in holding the reader’s attention.