Three helpful tips for using branded booklets (2021-07-06)

A custom booklet can become an effective promotional item for businesses when properly designed and utilized. There are three tips companies should learn to receive the greatest benefits from their branded booklets.

1. Use the cover to show off brand imagery

A booklet is an item capable of being used several times by the receiver. Organizations can use printing services to include important brand elements on the cover, strengthening the consumer's recognition of the brand with every interaction. Logos, mottos, and company vision statements may be incorporated into the booklet to showcase the brand's identifiers.

2. Turn the booklet into a resource of company information

Make it easy to find information about the business by including contact details in the booklet. Those who receive the item can get immediate access to the shop's telephone number, website link, and email address. The booklet may also include the store's operational hours and provide customers with a list of menu items and prices.

3. Bring booklets to events to improve interactions

Organizations can distribute promotional booklets during trade shows to form connections with eventgoers. Offering a free item will create a positive experience between the business and the receiver, which may improve the recipient's brand loyalty. Stores looking to expand their email lists can ask booth visitors to leave their contact information before receiving the booklet.

Businesses can work with print companies to produce impactful branded booklets that improve brand familiarity while building lasting bonds with target consumers.