Three important uses for lamination (2021-08-02)

Printed products are effective communication tools for businesses and their target clientele, but to help them stay in great shape to be used again and again, lamination is a real bonus. There are three types of printed items that can significantly benefit from the protection offered by lamination:

1. Business cards

Those who use business card printing to create portable sources of contact information can laminate their card to prolong its lifespan. While most wallets have secure spaces to accommodate a business card, the item will still suffer from slight damages when used and eventually start to fade. Laminating the card allows stores to make it sturdier, preventing it from bending when being carried.

2. Menus

Restaurants can turn their printed menus into long-term additions to the store with the help of lamination. A non-laminated menu can bend and tear when handled by consumers, which may add unneeded costs to the business if they keep having to replace damaged menus. Giving the menu an added layer of protection will also help the display maintain its legibility, allowing customers to easily read the available selections.

3. Posters

Stores can use print companies to laminate their posters for increased durability. Laminating the display will also allow businesses to preserve their poster’s quality and resist fading over time. Organizations with seasonal advertisements can use lamination to keep their signs unbent while being stored until they wish to use the poster again.

Lamination is a beneficial preservation technique businesses may use on a variety of printed materials, and these are just three of the clearest examples.