Three memorable methods of showcasing company policies (2021-03-08)

Both consumers and staff members should be aware of the rules an organization wishes to enforce. Here are three printed materials businesses can use to make sure their policies are effectively communicated to all visitors.

1. Posters

Incorporating company rules onto posters will provide patrons with easily noticeable sources of information. The displays may be altered using printing services to help the signs be seen by consumers, such as by adjusting the text and background colors to ensure the words stand out. Organizations can hang the displays in building locations with high traffic to maximize their effect.

2. Stickers

Handing out stickers to clientele is a fun form of interaction that will highlight current regulations to the recipient. The text on the sticker can remind people to wash their hands, wear face coverings if required by the business, and not smoke or vape in the building. Those who pass by customers with stickers will receive additional reminders to follow company rules. Stickers are also easy to place on windows, walls, and other flat surfaces.

3. Table tents

Organizations with sitting areas can use print companies to design table tents showcasing their rules to clients. People sitting down to eat at the table will notice the display and be exposed to the regulations for the duration of their meal. The business can place links on their tents to an online list of company standards.

Consumer awareness of an organization’s rules is crucial to keeping people safe while visiting the store. Companies can follow the above three tips to easily communicate their policies to shoppers in a memorable way.