Three mistakes companies must avoid during festivals (2021-03-22)

Attending public events can offer businesses a chance to meet and connect with potential customers while making a strong impression on the community. However, there are three main mistakes companies should avoid when participating in festivals.

1. Absence of logo incorporation at the stall

An organization’s logo is the face of its brand, making it crucial to showcase the symbol at the event to increase brand familiarity. A business lacking a logo is not easily differentiated from other stores at the festival and will be less memorable. Companies can use printing services to create eye-catching signs for the event that proudly display their symbol. Organizations can accentuate their logo by adding color to their banners.

2. No forms of consumer engagement

Businesses should have a plan for attracting consumers to their stalls through some form of visitor interaction. Offering promotional products to people who stop by the booth, for example, will leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Organizations can give out event-appropriate items to increase the effectiveness of their ad specialties, such as gifting branded water bottles or caps during athletic events.

3. Lack of networking with booth visitors

Popular festivals are the perfect opportunity to grow a store’s list of contacts. Companies can use business card printing to make customized cards visitors may take from the booth. Organizations with virtual newsletters and text-based promotions can bring signup sheets and pens to the event to increase their number of subscribers.

Understanding how to avoid the above three mistakes will allow businesses to elevate their event-going experience while attracting more attention to their booth and brand.