Three print products to turn employees into brand ambassadors (2021-06-21)

Staff members are the face of an organization, so they should leave a strong, positive impression on visiting consumers. Here are three print products companies can use to help their workers become memorable brand representatives.

Incorporate branded apparel into uniforms

Each employee can become a living source of brand exposure by wearing clothing that showcases important brand-related imagery. Shirts, hats, and aprons worn by staff members can be custom-made to feature the organization’s logo and color schemes. Any slogans created by the business may also be included on the apparel to familiarize visitors with the brand’s taglines.

Provide workers with business cards

Stores can use printing companies to create business cards for their crew members. Employees may hand their cards out to clients to promote future interactions with the brand. Including details on the card, like the organization’s social media pages, will help customers locate and connect with the brand online. Offering a business card to a person will also form a more personal connection between the recipient and the worker.

Give employees custom stationery

Team members can be given customized stationery to interact with clientele. For example, companies may use printing services to create documents that people can fill out to share their contact information with the business. Adding the store’s logo as a watermark to the papers will offer another form of brand exposure to customers. A survey for visitors could also be printed on custom stationery.

Brand ambassadors have a lasting impact on customers and can improve consumer recognition of a business. Companies can use branded apparel, business cards, and custom stationery to turn their workers into better brand representatives.