Three printed products for improving customer flow (2021-02-16)

Without plans to address and control consumer traffic, a business can end up with a chaotic and inefficient store layout. There are three printed products companies should use to improve their customer flow and elevate their shopping experience.

1. Stickers

Customized stickers are an effective tool for specific consumer placement when used as eye-catching floor markers. Utilizing stickers at the checkout line will help businesses control how many groups of customers can enter the line and how far apart they should stand. Companies may also use printing services to make arrow-shaped stickers to convey the proper direction for moving through aisles.

2. Posters

Strategically placed posters can be utilized as handy directories for clientele. For example, organizations with public restrooms may create custom posters with maps of the store layout to specifically show where the room is located. Displays can also have arrows pointing left or right to guide consumers to their intended destination. Businesses can use print companies to increase their poster dimensions to ensure customers will easily see the display.

3. Signs

Signs offer organizations a versatile method of effectively redirecting client traffic. Companies can produce A-frame displays as physical barriers to prevent consumers from accessing certain aisles or rooms. Retractable banners may be placed at the start of waiting lines to indicate where visitors need to enter. Designate entrances and exits to the store by hanging signs on all doors used by the organization.

Having a plan for controlling the flow of customers will make it easier for consumers to move throughout the building. Organizations should take the time to incorporate stickers, posters and signs into their customer flow strategies.